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Standing by the window, looking across the city. Wondering why, life at times, can seem so pretty. But in that second it took me to think, my life could change, faster than a blink. Is this a reason why we should always cherish? Not knowing when loved ones may suddenly perish. Living everyday like it was our very last, for our days could be very long or go by very fast. So I’ll cherish and take nothing for granted. Not say things that shouldn’t be chanted. If this is the last day I have on this earth, I accept my life, for what it’s been worth. Tomorrow isn’t promised to young or old alike. Today may be the last day I’m able to hold you tight. Don’t wait for tomorrow, do it all today. If tomorrow never comes, you’ll never regret a day.

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Sea of Strangers

I wrote this just months before I met the love of my life…

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Jon’s Story

Love the blog!  Just wanted to stop by and say hi and thanks for running this blog.  Figured I would share my testimonial to having a positive life and say to those who thing its too hard to do because things are too tough. I became an amputee when I was 13. I don’t let the fact I have a prosthetic leg stop me or slow me down (yes that is me and my prosthetic leg you see above :-) ). It is a part of who I am and I don’t let being an amputee bring me down. Yes I could dwell on it, but why dwell on something you can’t change.  I am still alive.  I got a second chance at living, so why waste that by being negative and depressed about it. Things may seem bad now, but they get better. I live life positively and to the fullest! And if I can live with a positive outlook, so can you!

Jon - (my website.)

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Best blog ever!

I am in love with your blog. When I have days when there are not the best, I just go on tumblr, and all your guys’ positive pictures/posts are amazing. Helps a lot (: ! Keep up the great work ! <3 xo

Thank you, dear! Hope you have a great one! :) Stay strong. Be positive. 

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