Sometimes, it hurts to tell the truth, but it’s better than living a lie and feeling guilty about it. Honesty is the best way to keep a relationship/friendship strong. Always tell the truth.

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this is everything. 

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that last one tho…

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Dogs pray before eating dinner



This song is dedicated to the men and women in the armed forces. Thank you for your service. You are the true heroes. Whether you believe in the message or not, we should always be courageous in life! Courage to face obstacles and tackle goals are keys to success.

As Mom of a son in the Army I thank you for recognizing our Armed Forces!

You’re welcome!! :)

Beautiful morning to see the Cherry Blossoms! :) (First time seeing them after living in the D.C area for 15 years! Haha.)

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waking up and realizing you still have more time to sleep